Friday, May 31, 2013

Done, but we learn on!

By now we are 'technically' done counting days, but education never stops.

We met some friends of ours in downtown Easley.
 We loved the interaction that a 1 yr old, 3 yr. old, 5 yr. old, 9 yr. old, and a n 11 yr. old all had with each other.  They all got along, played well, and shared.
Gathering  up-rooted nails and scrap metal.

Enjoying the stage.

Cooling off at the fountain.

Trying to wet his head.

Experimenting with the umbrella.
Filling it from the fountain and dumping it on himself and others.

Then trying the stone fountain, too.

Watching a train go by.

"What animal made these tracks?"

The dunk.

The result.

Slurping it up to spit it out.

Hummmm??? Why's the crossing arm broke???

"Well, the storm last night broke it in the strong winds, " (basically) said the cop.

So that's what's in that pipe!
Extra arms.

Ordering a pizza lunch for us. AND buying!

Then off to the park down the road.

Pumpkin was too hot!
 What we were happy with was all the areas of education that were 'popping up'.  Geography with the locations of city's and towns in the counties.  Math with the train, spikes, lunch, incline planes, and more. Language in everything.  Science in all that we were doing ~ water experiments, gravity, temperature, and more.
(I may turn her into an unschooler yet  ;-)  )

Then the windshield was water-gunned down.

The boys packed themselves for a 3 night & 3 day adventures with ~
 Pumpkin and his best friend and Fireball Coyote with a soccer team mate friend.

(Mom & dad had some alone anniversary time!)

Working on some movies for the weekend, via FB chat.

Fireball Coyote's friend had a hedgehog!  (Something he's always wanted.)
Along with 2 dogs, 3 cats, a hamster, anoles, and more.

What a great way to learn.  Live with a different family for a few days.

Let's just say that when we picked them up ~ they were tired! Happy to see us.  And missed each other a bit.  (One could really tell when they fought that night at bed time!)  Ahhhhhhhh. Brotherly love!

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