Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Split Creek Goat Farm

We had a great trip to Split Creek Farm with the homeschool group.  Then went to a park and Latin lesson.  It was a great day!

All the kids did their best to sit through the stories of about all their different goats. Where they came from, about how they got their name, and why they are different from the other goats. 

They even walked the goats up and down each isle.

The oldest goat on the farm.

It became very boring after the 4th goat.

Then everyone was split into 3 groups. First we saw the kids.  The big goat is in with the kids since he's blind.

Fireball Coyote took this picture.

Pumpkin asked why the goats had silver on their horn areas.

It's a protective seal.

Then we taste tested yogurt, fudge,  & many cheeses.

Last we toured the area where the milk is processed.

And looked in the milk bin.  The boys commented on how much creamier it was.

I couldn't pass up this shot.

I Love this little outdoor set!

'Nuff said.
The next week we went back and bought fudge (Fireball Coyote's pick)  and Lemon basil cheese (Pumpkin's pick).  It was gone by the end of the week!  Saving up for another trip.

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