Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to You!

During all this time the boys have been watching their regular PSB Kid Shows, Nature, Nova, and whatever follows usually.  Playing their regular computer games ~ Rolblox, Animal Jam, and soon discover Adventure Quest.
In the mean time ~
Wrapping brother's birthday gift,

with Christmas paper. 

Pumpkin's reaction to his brother's gift.

He also got a beautiful geode and PS2 games.

Lego dragon Ninjaga set and more.

They both worked on putting the Lego's together.
Very happy with his gifts!

Decorating his cake.

I didn't have two #1's so we used a 10 + 2,  so we still had "one to grow on".
He didn't mind at all!  He just wanted his cake!!!

Fireball Coyote made pizza's for dinner.

Pumpkin made a female Rolblox character.

Fireball Coyote's game.

Walked to first and stole all the way to third.

Hard to take a picture of the moon while driving.

But, I got it. Nice and full and huge that night.

After watching L.J., his mom took us to the park one day.

Fun and then Frosty's were had by all.

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