Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tongue Tattoo, Soccer, Dr., & Biologists

     I found these pictures from the other day when I made PB&J for lunch for the boys.  I was thinking back to when I tried to make "fun" lunches for them and wanted to do it again.  So I came up with this.

Cut sandwich with and apple corer.

Add cheese leaves and food paint markers (from Walmart).

Makes a great tongue tattoo.

Monday we did a bunch of looking at washing machines.  Followed by buying soccer cleats and shin guards, check out Trader Joe's, lunch at McD's, dentist appointments, soccer practice, showers, dinner and bed.  It was a long and semi stressful day. 

YES!! My Shamrock shakes made it south of  the boarder! WOOHOO! :-)

Tuesday the boys finished their paintings (will add the picture later), followed by an unexpected trip to the Doctor's office.  To pass the time in the office, we rolled a 20 sided dice guessing which number would be rolled.  Mostly there were close guesses, none were exact.  We also played  the alphabet game and had a laughing fit.  Wound up Pumpkin has a bit fluid in each ear, a red throat, and swollen glands.  No strep or anything, but resulting in amoxicillin.  I also think he didn't know he was sick since his attitude was AWFUL and RUDE till he started on his medication, then it was a 180! MY SWEET BOY IS BACK!! :-)  This was followed by grocery shopping, Latin lessons, first drop off at the consignment sale, filling the prescription, dropping off a early shoppers pass to a friend, dinner and bed.  A SUPER long day! :-/  

Wednesday was a GREAT day!  I finished pricing my consignment items and we dropped the rest of them off.   Math was used in sorting by size and then finding here my consignment number was.   Then we ran to Walmart and shopped.  More math by adding the total as we shopped.  The boys wanted to go to the playground park and I wanted to go to a local state park after we were done.  We wound up going over the hill to the creek.

"Look mom.  I'm an ax man.   :-)  "

"I'm fishing mommy."

Pumpkin used his LONG stick to fish out something from the creek.

A battery!

Caught 2 baby salamanders and 1 medium salamander.

Pumpkin digging for gold and Fireball Coyote fishing.

Fireball Coyote found a crayfish.  It wound up dying.  :`-(  

     We had a funeral for it and everyone delt with it in his or her own way.  

  Later in the evening we watched our PBS Nature program, it was 3 hours.  The boys loved learning more about whales and dolphins.  Now today to do a paper on what we learned and hopefully learn more at the library.  Then the park?  We'll see.

Have a grand day!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Early Bird

   Those who know me know I AM NOT an early riser.  However, sitting here it kind-a feels good to be up this early (7:30 am) and NOT have to be any where at this time.  (My last job started at 7:30 am - UGH & YUCK!!)   Being up the past few weeks around 9 or 10 and being up at this time now, it has a nice new relaxing perspective.  Now to get to the list of things to be done: 4 loads of laundry, buy new cleats (x2?), shin guards, batting helmet, food, price washers, go to the dentist, soccer practice, dinner showers, and bed.  Bring on the learning and fun.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breakfast In Bed Makes For A Great Day

    Pumpkin made grilled cheese for breakfast for his brother and himself.    I was told this morning by Fireball Coyote, "Mommy go back to sleep. Just stay in bed".  I was asked if I wanted one.  Sure.  Breakfast was brought to me on this 

Grilled Cheese & Tea  :-)

   Fireball Coyote was happy at how cheesy it was.  He had his brother take a picture.  


    Our morning was filled with computer time, bickering, and more of the same.  After their late lunch of mac & cheese, they ventured out and came back with this.

Their new Audubon bird tree

Happily they took turns. 

   After this they decided we should go for a walk to the end of our road.  On the way back we visited the horses.  


Followed by 30 minutes of muddy fun and discoveries.  
"Look Mommy!  It made a print!  Take a picture."

I've read some where that playing in the mud adds vitamins and minerals to our system.  They had fun.  The next words out of my mouth was -  bath time!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day, The Amazon, and USA

 To get ready for our Homeschooler party, on Monday, we cooked and did our "school" computer work.  Nothing like cooking in your pj's, chef jacket and hat.

   While Fireball Coyote made Jello- Jigglers, Pumpkin did math work on the computer.
   Then we switched.  Fireball Coyote did "his thing" on the computer and Pumpkin made Red Velvet Ice Cream Cone Cakes.

We decided to not ice the cupcakes, but put the sprinkles on top and bake. (Less sugar for the kids.)

Turned out not as well as I thought.  So next time sprinkles in the batter.

Jigglers came out ok.

Valentine's Day
   It's Tuesday and our homeschooler group art class and Valentine's Day party.  Today they started their paintings.

Look at that concentration. :-)

This is as far as the "barn" people got Tuesday.

Here's what all the kids worked on.

Our I Spy Jars were a hit!

The boys agreed it beat any school Valentines party they ever did!    :-)

      Today, so far we have heard and read stories on
      Fireball Coyote chose the animal section, since today was his educational computer time.  He read two books   ( :-) yeah!)  and heard two books.  I told him, "Have to read BEFORE you listen".  ;-)

  Later, the boys found the Audubon Birds I have bought them in the past.  I gave them the ides of making a tree and having a place for the birds to sit for them.  They literally ran outside to get started.

    It's amazing how much "little" and educational things "pop-up" in the day and you don't realize it till later or not at all.  For example, I was looking at my Facebook page and a friend posted a picture of the Chief of the Kayapo tribe crying at a "city council" meeting.  I was asked about the picture by Pumpkin and soon Fireball Coyote joined us.  I explained how the tribe was being forced out because the government decided to build a hydroelectric dam.  We talked about where this was (S.A., Amazon), what would happen (rain forest plants, animals, and people gone) and what some think will happen (more electricity, better jobs, more industry, etc.).  I tried to explain that there is two sides to every story and show them both sides.  Pumpkin was more into the conversation than Fireball Coyote was and he decided they shouldn't build the dam.
   This isn't what I saw on FB, but here's one link to read about it.
   The "little" things can turn out to be BIG things and shape morals and values in people and you may not even realize it.

 After lunch,  we took a walk around our town doing odds and ends earns.  When we came back they worked more on their bird project.  Dinner.   Then our  PBS shows tonight: Nature: The Himalayas,  Nova: Extreme Cave Diving,  and then Cave People of the Himalayas.

   In addition, we have been receiving post cards from other people around the USA.  (Got one today.)  There is a blog I get and the lady asked for 50 people from each state to send a postcard to everyone else on the list.  (She wound up making two lists.)  Now, we will get 49 postcards and to learn about each state.  So far we have received California, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, and New Hampshire.  We read the information on the back and talk about what area in the US they are.

Homeschooling Rocks!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


    Time.  time.  TiMe.  TIME.
    Hate it.  Love it.  Need it.  Don't.  It comes no matter what.  For me, it gets away, goes fast, goes slow and can be great and a pain.  This time it got away.

   Our time since my last post was filled with PS2, Lego's, outside time, bickering, PBS Nature and Inside Natures Giants, cooking, Kids Club night at a friends local church, and a bowling birthday party.  There has been no real outstanding greatness of the week in my mind, except our Wednesday PBS night and Thursday's Kids Club night.  PBS rocked as usual.  (There is even a repeat of it on now.)  Comparing a tiger and a lion.  Everyone couldn't stop watching, wowing, and being amazed.   Kids Club is a night the boys look forward to once a month.  Our Mennonite friends church started having a monthly meeting spin off from their VBS week.  It is a HUGE hit.  They normally average 40+/- kids.  I counted about half the kids were community kids.  That is great!

Ooooo. Just hit me there was one day the kids had a great time.  I saw this idea in a blog I get.

   The boys took their dad's work shirt and stuffed pillows under it then pretended they were Sumo wrestlers.  It was hysterical.  

   And as I look at the loaded pictures I noticed this...

   On Monday, I think it was, we colored rice.  These are our Valentines for our homeschooler art party.  I had several, 9, jelly jars that we filled with white, lt. pink, med. pink, and red rice.  We saw several ways to color the rice, but went with 1 tsp. Hydrogen Peroxide and then one, three, and six drops of red food coloring.  It was SO simple and quick to make and dried just as quickly.  We added 1/4 cup of each color plus various objects to look for - glitter hearts, pompom, wooden LOVE letters, a fake flower, a small eraser, clear glass stone, buttons in shades of red and pink.  I hope it will be a hit.  On Tuesday I will post pictures of the finished product and the kids.  

   So, all in all I guess all in all it wasn't a slow and boring as I thought.  Yeah me!

   I think I found a AWESOME kid friendly email.  We just started using it today.  I'll inform you more as we explore it.  Let's just say they can only email friends on their list (it is a closed email system) and I can opt to get their (out going only) mail in my real account.    OH YEAH! Bonus!  

Have a grand week.  Remember to :-) .

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wash, Work, Draw

  It's amazing how we never stop learning.

   Sunday, Fireball Coyote went to the laundry mat with me.  We discovered a door between the washers, it opens.  We watched the gears spinning, water flowing out and thought it was cool. We talked about how it makes the tumbler move one way then the other way.  He got a big thrill out of it.  Then his mind took off.  He started talking about how he could build one ( a gear system) to hook up to a tractor and make our washer go.  Love his mind.   :-)

   Monday, was me cleaning my bedroom (ok, I was putting the rest of teh Christmas decorations away)  and the boys working with PS2, Lego's, and a bit of outside time.  It was all good though.  They even watched one of their favorite shows, Wild Kratts, on PBS kids, and I got all I needed to done. (Yeah me!)

   Today, was an art day.  I signed the boys up for a homeschoolers art class with a local artist.  It is a two hour class for the next four Tuesdays.  Today, they did basic drawing and shading.  The boys seemed to really enjoyed it and are looking forward to next week.  Everyone did well.
   Fireball Coyote had "art" with Nona today, too.  "He was VERY into it today",  I was told.  She was happy and impressed.  I'm glad the enthusiasm continued from the mornings class.  ;-)  He also watched an hour of TV, PBS Kids.  :-/
   Pumpkin and I did lots of running around today: Walmart, a country food store, and a friends house.  I was literally driving in circles today.  I cancelled Latin today.  The teacher called about some paving going on and wasn't sure what to do.  So, I cancelled it, since Pumpkin also forgot his book, it was easier.
   Before dinner they watched Fetch!, on PBS Kids.  There was a colonial time period setting and challenges.  The boys really enjoy that show too (as do I).  After dinner the boys discovered my magnetic snowflakes with magnetic base.  Fireball Coyote had the idea to line up the snowflakes and hold the base close over it and watch them jump up.  He loved it.
   Now it is M*A*S*H and ice cream.  Time to go scoop.

   Still pondering on that book.  Thinking of our garden, more handmade foods, and farmers markets.   Thinking it might be key.  Hummmmmm ....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some Of My Roads

  On Friday, the boys and I went to our Homeschooler field trip to the dog trainers.  The boys learned about training dogs and how to defend themselves from an angry/mean dog.  We watched the boarder Collie, Nanna, do her tricks and learn a few new ones, too.
Nanna learning to jump for the first time

Down and Cover. Protection from a angry/mean dog.

Nanna is a good girl.

   After that we came home and had some lunch.  Next came watching Kung Fu Panda 1.  We watched that since our local library was showing Kung Fu Panda 2 at the library, today, Saturday.  It was a cute movie.  Believe it or not the desire to plant more bulbs was still there!  (YES!)  So we did three more hours of bulb work.  Talked about the different types of roots, too.  We were tuckered out from all that work.  After dinner we played Uno.  Pumpkin has really been into playing a game every night.


   Today we got up and went to the movie at the library, Kung Fu Panda 2.  It was sweet.  Our friends meet us there and afterwards treated up to some yummy frozen yogurt.  The rest of the afternoon was not so fun, but still educational.  Fireball Coyote wanted to buy some plastic army figures, Dollar store here we come.  His brother and he counted the change he brought.  They thought they were short a penny, but it turned out to be six cents short.  Mommy to the rescue.  Next we paid a bill.  Followed by a very short grocery store trip.  Budgeting.  I made dinner, we played Uno, I read two books, and bed for the boys.  Not that they sleep.  They are in there so I can unwind and they can unwind.  When you live in a matchbox, it is hard to go to a different room for "your own space" or watch my "grown-up shows", on regular TV.  I don't care if they don't fall asleep, but it can get frustrating some nights with all the in and out and tattling.  Then the yelling starts by dad.  (UGH!)  It was great! when we first started and the fell asleep talking to each other at 10 PM - 12 AM.  I was THRILLED!  Now, bicker, bicker, bicker.  Not sure where things changed.  I pray it will iron it's self out again.   (sigh)

   On a different note. 

    My friend seems to think I should write a book about how I'm feeding us on last week $40 and this week (for 4 days) $20.  However, I'm not sure if just making a meat dish is really "feeding us".  Occasionally, I can toss in a starch or a vegetable, but not at the same time lately or none at all.  Plus, I haven't been eating the same as them most times.  I'm trying to go more organic and the boys would like to, too.  What I've been buying is "bottom dollar" food, in my opinion.   Maybe if I looked harder or ????

   So... I'm not sure. 

    I have been thinking about making more of our foods.  For example, breakfast more pancakes, crapes, healthy cookies and muffins.  I mentioned tonight about trying to make our own noodles.  "Hubby" wasn't thrilled with the idea.  He said he tried it once, with an ex and it was a lot of work and hard.  :-/

   I'm torn with wanting to be organic and having "regular and bottom dollar" foods.  I might just save this for another "soap box" day. 

    Yet another road in my woods.  Which to choose.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Raising Future Biologists?

  With all the PBS programs we've been watching, I wondered last night if my boys would grow up to be biologists.  Well, after today I shouldn't be too surprised if they do.

   We started our day at the local park.  With an obstacle course that led to time at the creek.

   At the creek we saw raccoon prints, the boys dug in the dirt and floated sticks in the creek.  All of this goes on underneath a covered bridge.  (Or as I grew up calling them "Kissing Bridges".)

We headed home and Pumpkin made us a late lunch, Chicken Devonshire.  Then, believe it or not, the REAL fun started!  The boys headed to the creek at our house while I checked email.  Fireball Coyote comes back and announces that Pumpkin found salamander eggs!  

Salamander Eggs

Then they found not one, but two baby salamanders.

"Baby" Salamander

Minnow hunting while looking for the baby salamander.

Got two
   After all that excitement, we then transplanted daffodils and collected worms.  The boys were all in to it too!  (YEAH!)  We took apart three clumps of flowers.   We still have some to plant from those clumps and MANY more clumps to separate too.  Pumpkin is asking if we can do more tomorrow.  We'll see if there is time after our field trip to see what animal groomers do.  I hope that spark doesn't burn out though.

   Biologists in the future.  Maybe.  Fireball Coyote does want to be a Park Ranger, so you never know.