Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some Of My Roads

  On Friday, the boys and I went to our Homeschooler field trip to the dog trainers.  The boys learned about training dogs and how to defend themselves from an angry/mean dog.  We watched the boarder Collie, Nanna, do her tricks and learn a few new ones, too.
Nanna learning to jump for the first time

Down and Cover. Protection from a angry/mean dog.

Nanna is a good girl.

   After that we came home and had some lunch.  Next came watching Kung Fu Panda 1.  We watched that since our local library was showing Kung Fu Panda 2 at the library, today, Saturday.  It was a cute movie.  Believe it or not the desire to plant more bulbs was still there!  (YES!)  So we did three more hours of bulb work.  Talked about the different types of roots, too.  We were tuckered out from all that work.  After dinner we played Uno.  Pumpkin has really been into playing a game every night.


   Today we got up and went to the movie at the library, Kung Fu Panda 2.  It was sweet.  Our friends meet us there and afterwards treated up to some yummy frozen yogurt.  The rest of the afternoon was not so fun, but still educational.  Fireball Coyote wanted to buy some plastic army figures, Dollar store here we come.  His brother and he counted the change he brought.  They thought they were short a penny, but it turned out to be six cents short.  Mommy to the rescue.  Next we paid a bill.  Followed by a very short grocery store trip.  Budgeting.  I made dinner, we played Uno, I read two books, and bed for the boys.  Not that they sleep.  They are in there so I can unwind and they can unwind.  When you live in a matchbox, it is hard to go to a different room for "your own space" or watch my "grown-up shows", on regular TV.  I don't care if they don't fall asleep, but it can get frustrating some nights with all the in and out and tattling.  Then the yelling starts by dad.  (UGH!)  It was great! when we first started and the fell asleep talking to each other at 10 PM - 12 AM.  I was THRILLED!  Now, bicker, bicker, bicker.  Not sure where things changed.  I pray it will iron it's self out again.   (sigh)

   On a different note. 

    My friend seems to think I should write a book about how I'm feeding us on last week $40 and this week (for 4 days) $20.  However, I'm not sure if just making a meat dish is really "feeding us".  Occasionally, I can toss in a starch or a vegetable, but not at the same time lately or none at all.  Plus, I haven't been eating the same as them most times.  I'm trying to go more organic and the boys would like to, too.  What I've been buying is "bottom dollar" food, in my opinion.   Maybe if I looked harder or ????

   So... I'm not sure. 

    I have been thinking about making more of our foods.  For example, breakfast more pancakes, crapes, healthy cookies and muffins.  I mentioned tonight about trying to make our own noodles.  "Hubby" wasn't thrilled with the idea.  He said he tried it once, with an ex and it was a lot of work and hard.  :-/

   I'm torn with wanting to be organic and having "regular and bottom dollar" foods.  I might just save this for another "soap box" day. 

    Yet another road in my woods.  Which to choose.  

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