Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tongue Tattoo, Soccer, Dr., & Biologists

     I found these pictures from the other day when I made PB&J for lunch for the boys.  I was thinking back to when I tried to make "fun" lunches for them and wanted to do it again.  So I came up with this.

Cut sandwich with and apple corer.

Add cheese leaves and food paint markers (from Walmart).

Makes a great tongue tattoo.

Monday we did a bunch of looking at washing machines.  Followed by buying soccer cleats and shin guards, check out Trader Joe's, lunch at McD's, dentist appointments, soccer practice, showers, dinner and bed.  It was a long and semi stressful day. 

YES!! My Shamrock shakes made it south of  the boarder! WOOHOO! :-)

Tuesday the boys finished their paintings (will add the picture later), followed by an unexpected trip to the Doctor's office.  To pass the time in the office, we rolled a 20 sided dice guessing which number would be rolled.  Mostly there were close guesses, none were exact.  We also played  the alphabet game and had a laughing fit.  Wound up Pumpkin has a bit fluid in each ear, a red throat, and swollen glands.  No strep or anything, but resulting in amoxicillin.  I also think he didn't know he was sick since his attitude was AWFUL and RUDE till he started on his medication, then it was a 180! MY SWEET BOY IS BACK!! :-)  This was followed by grocery shopping, Latin lessons, first drop off at the consignment sale, filling the prescription, dropping off a early shoppers pass to a friend, dinner and bed.  A SUPER long day! :-/  

Wednesday was a GREAT day!  I finished pricing my consignment items and we dropped the rest of them off.   Math was used in sorting by size and then finding here my consignment number was.   Then we ran to Walmart and shopped.  More math by adding the total as we shopped.  The boys wanted to go to the playground park and I wanted to go to a local state park after we were done.  We wound up going over the hill to the creek.

"Look mom.  I'm an ax man.   :-)  "

"I'm fishing mommy."

Pumpkin used his LONG stick to fish out something from the creek.

A battery!

Caught 2 baby salamanders and 1 medium salamander.

Pumpkin digging for gold and Fireball Coyote fishing.

Fireball Coyote found a crayfish.  It wound up dying.  :`-(  

     We had a funeral for it and everyone delt with it in his or her own way.  

  Later in the evening we watched our PBS Nature program, it was 3 hours.  The boys loved learning more about whales and dolphins.  Now today to do a paper on what we learned and hopefully learn more at the library.  Then the park?  We'll see.

Have a grand day!

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