Sunday, March 25, 2012

Owl Pellets, Trains and Tractors Oh My

On Friday, we joined our homeschooling group for a Barn Owl lesson and pellet exploration.  I think Fireball Coyote's reaction says it all. LOL.

Both found the small bones of moles, rodents, and other animals.

After class we hung out at the train tracks again.  The boys worked on their balance on the posts and walking the tracks.  We had two trains come by us.  We realized that there is a difference the number of engines and cars they pull. We are working on data for that.  

We also walked around town.  The boys also are into the local "quilts" around the area.  This is one way people are preserving the heritage of the area.  

Saturday was dad's big plow day.

Over 55 + tractors were there.

Fields plowed and ready to plant.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loving Unschooling

 Fri. March 16
Jones Gap State Park

"Mommy, this is just like walking on an old creek bed", says Pumpkin.

Asking a park ranger questions to become a Jr. Ranger.
Learned about Mr. Solomon Jones who followed his pig over the mountain and found the area.

Splashed (& fell) into the creek, until the rain came down.

I'm trying to figure out what the plant in the upper right corner is.

 Saturday, March 17th.
Haygood Mill
Looking out 
at the waterwheel.

Corn being made into cornmeal.

There was a blacksmith, a still, live animals, live music, cotton spinners, and more.
 It kind of reminded us of Oliver Miller Homestead, in Pittsburgh, Pa., but not as established yet.  The boys preferred Oliver Miller.
Learning about the different types of arrowheads used.

Sunday, March 18th
Buffalo Barfield at a local library.
Making music from a washboard and playing the spoons.

(Told the boys we'd have "Spring Break" this week.   However, we wound doing this so far.)

Monday, March 19th
Watching brother play soccer.

Tuesday, March 20th
Visited local library and looked at local school children's art work.

One of my former students.

Another of my former students.

Latin and tangrams on Tuesday, too.

Wednesday, March 21st
Baking chocolate chip cookies for dad's plow day on Saturday.

First time using flour sifter.
Inspired from library art trip yesterday.

They worked for over 3 hours on this, peacefully!
And are at it again this morning!

I told the boys that I'll tell them more often that we are on a break.  They agreed.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Reading, Coloring, & Legos

All the boys have wanted to do lately is read, color and play Legos.  They have had a blast the past two days.

"NOT in my underwear Mom!"

Went through 2 Diary of a Whimpy Kid books in two days!

Coloring pictures of things found in our state.
I even planned a field trip with a park ranger for our homeschool group in May.

Harry Potter all the way.

Today think we will have an adventure.
Hummmm.  Where to go?
Water fall? Park? Top of a mountain? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mini Tangrams & How Does Your Garden Grow

   Fireball Coyote and a friend snuck in some tangram work last week Tuesday.
Fireball Coyote's
His friends.  (Picture by, Fireball Coyote)

So far this week we ...

On Monday, planting Sugar Snap Peas in our garden.

Took a break & kicked the soccer ball around.

The boys planted Buckeyes, too.

I planted Lilies.

"Look mom.  I'm a park ranger!"

Yesterday, Pumpkin & I had lunch at the Botanical Gardens while Fireball Coyote had "art" with Nona.

Pumpkins favorite flower, a Camilla. 

The spring house.

Pumpkin's turn in the rock chair.

So serious.

Chasing lizards.

An old still.

After Latin we dropped off the teachers mower and saw all her gardens.

A cool cloud on the way home.

Fireball Coyote finishes his last art work for the day.