Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Splish Splash

After we got back it was Pumpkin's turn for swim lessons.

He mailed his letter to his pen-pal in England.

Lessons are done for this year.

After swim lessons what do you do?
Swim at your best friends pool.

Mine Craft

When the boys do Mine Craft they enjoy building things.
Here are some pictures of the things they build.

I've got some creative kids :-)

From Rain To Sun

The next night was Pumpkin's turn to go to the game.  That day, we hung out at Gram's, did some thrift shopping. Pumpkin and I made a card with me new stamps. Then packed and packed.

We had a rainy trip back home, but...

A double arched rainbow showed up at the end :-)

Ending with a warm welcome home.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Game Day

On Monday, we visited with a great Sister/Aunt friend of ours.  
The boys ALWAYS love to see their Koi pond and feed the fish.

Then we went inside to play lots of games, 
since Fireball Coyote was going to a Pirate game with his uncle that night.

We learned a new game called Stack.  This game was SO much fun we played it several times.

Then it was on to another of the boys favorite indoor Bocce ball.

 The boys then learned Master Mind.
Pumpkin seemed to enjoy this better than his brother.

Back to Stack,

After our game day, Fireball Coyote was dropped off at his uncle's to enjoy the Pirate game.
Pumpkin got new shoes.
Grandma took us out to eat at Panera's.
A new and great experience for us.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


On a rainy Saturday, Pumpkin graduated from Camp Cadet Troop B Training Program.

Much Thanks to his aunt and uncle for making this possible for him!!!

The bunks where he 'slept'.

Lugging everything to the car.

Showing us 'the ropes'.

He was able to get up there, but not across.
He's scared of heights.

Did manage the rock wall.

Camps ceiling tile.

The cafeteria where many "yummy" meals were served.

One tuckered trooper!!! :-)

Some of the things Pumpkin learned about while he was there was ~ Police helicopters, CERT a division of SWAT, the K9 Unit, motorcycle police, and forensics.