Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Have Fun and Having Fun

Pumpkin was excited and nervous about going off to Camp Cadet Boot Camp.
I don't blame him, I was too.

Everyone, after registering, took their things to the basketball courts.  Then sat, and waited, to hear the camps "it will be ok" speech.

Then off Pumpkin went.  Without a kiss or hug goodbye for or from mom. :'-(

When we got back home, Fireball Coyote was lonely and bored.  So I had him use his math, reading, logic skills and muscles to put grandma's shelving unit together for next to her stove.

When frustration set in, it was time for bed and to tackle it again another day.

The next day, more math was used in building this tower.

Fireball Coyote even got to go fishing!

Thanks to Netflix, he was able to catch up on Ninjago.

 He and I, while waiting for some family members at the dentist,
Looked for shapes in the clouds.
A dragon, says Fireball Coyote.

The P.E., Math, and Language of it all.

The next day we drove to Latrobe, Pa. and met mom at a local farmers market.  There the boys tried flavored popcorn from one person and fudge from another, fudge won hands down.  I also found some oils that I absolutely LOVE and HIGHLY recommend! by these people.  Near by, was a playground that they boys played in the rain at till lightening struck and thunder sounded.

The next day we swam all afternoon till dinner time.

 Then it was time for a Mega bar Chinese restaurant.  
New foods were tried and fussed at.

By Friday, we were back in Pittsburgh to help watch my grandnephew, 
while the all other boys went mini golfing and out to lunch.

 Saturday night
was a carnival.

One last night of fun for Pumpkin before he heads off to State Trooper Boot Camp,
thanks to his aunt sitting next to him and her husband, a state trooper.

Hair, Steel, and Food

Time for haircuts!

Mmm, no.  Humph. :-( Said Fireball Coyote.

Pumpkin was very sad since he could not get his Fohawk, because of an
upcoming event.

Fireball Coyote's turn and said how he wanted his cut, a flattop.

Looking happier now  ;-)

Then the boys sat outback and chatted as the do.

Time for Football Monopoly.

The next day we meet my sister, her husband, son, his girlfriend and their boy in town for dinner.
We checked out the outside of a German beer place and restaurant.

An amphitheater looking place next to it.

Played in the steam.

Read how they made steel here before.

 Dinner time at B.D. Mongolia!

 It was wonderful, as before.