Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What A Fun and Packed Day

On Tuesday, we had a packed day ~ history, science, art, math, and language.

The day started out with back to back shows.

 We learned a lot about Greenville from this show.
 After learning about Greenville, we had a lesson on the starts in the sky at this time.  Then it was time for the Mars Roller Coaster that they play.  I always make the boys put their hands up.  We have so much fun with it.
A bit of time to stretch their legs before the next show.

 Next was Two pieces of Glass and the universe.

After, we went to lunch, killed time shopping at Target, and then headed to Hobby lobby for homeschoolers art class.
One of them needed to use the restroom and panicked when they saw signs on the door.
We read them, talked about the meaning and that is was safe to use.

Later, they were framed.

 Time for class.

Today's painting idea.


Getting some help with his sunset.

"Come see Mommy."

 Everyone's was an individual.  :-)

 Pumpkin suggested that each of them paint their owlet on mine.

Pumpkin's Great Horned Owl.

Fireball Coyote's Snowy Owlet and Mom flying in.

My Master Painters.

Time for the "funny" picture.

Mommy Great Horned Owl and her Owlets.

Watching Stampy video after a hard day of work.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Art, A Park, and Movies

On Thursday, the boys did computer games, Pumpkin wanted to teach me Minecraft, so I played.

Then evening brought for Pumpkin.

He wasn't totally satisfied with his work.
 I kept reminding him it was his first time doing it.
He also said that he liked the others work better.,
and tried to "improve" his.

Friday, we had a playdate, a mom "meeting of the minds", and she and some books I ordered.

In the evening we decided to go to town for Chinese and this insect was on the truck.
Interesting "leaf" fellow to research later.

Saturday, Pumpkin went to work with dad and Fireball Coyote and I went to the library for a movie.
The Lego Movie

Some friends of ours joined us.
 We got greats spots picked for the kids.

After the movie Fireball did a few kids games with a great audience.

Then nothing beats a game of tag outside.
Fireball found a race track from my shed and set it up.

D-O-G couldn't resist being in the middle either.

Sunday, Pumpkin helped dad in the shop and garden.  Then Fireball Coyote joined them in the shop till lunch time.
Pumpkin brained stormed this (looks like dad's shop) and took off for the shop again.

 Fireball Coyote had some computer time, after lunch, while Pumpkin and I watched Lord of the Rings The Two Towers. Followed by Lord of the Rings Return of the King, Fireball Coyote watched too.

D-O-G even got in on the action.

After that dad said they could watch Red 2, since we watched it and "there isn't anything that bad in it".
Nothing beats a movie marathon Sunday. :-)