Monday, June 1, 2015

September Brought

I apologize now for the sideways pictures ~ that's how they uploaded from my camera :/
Pumpkin dove hinting and getting one.

The boys talking it up at the garden.

Fireball coyote with chiro appointments for headaches
& gaming it up while waiting.

Pumpkin made dad a birthday cake.

Last cuddles with D-O-G before his owners claimed him.

Fall soccer practices started.

Reminiscing through their birth - 5 baby books.

Second Saturday Roman Days ar RMSC

Checking out the robot at RMSC for ideas for class ;-)

Then it was on to Pickens Heritage Days. 

Will today's  new pennies burn or melt?!?


Both boys start Latin Lessons again.


Upstate History Museum ~ Communities Now and Then.

Plus a Mid-evil exhibit

Push the right buttons and ...

Out pops a dragon!

Cutting and stacking wood with dad.

Fireball Coyote got the cube out of the circle that a neighbor made!

Pumpkin and & were taking calligraphy classes.

He won this from the class!

A cool phone game called Follow the Line
Before we met dad for lunch we stopped at Frog Pond Farm
only to find out they are a plant nursery.

Then it was on to lunch at The Pig

Time for soccer games!
Go Royal Pains!!!

More yard work

First squirrel. 

The Newest Family Member ~
She's a doberman mix and full of love!
Along with "Mind Craft on my Xbox", PBS shows, robotics class, volunteering, Latin, watching the Steelers, paracording, and daily life jobs.

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