Monday, June 1, 2015

August's Run Down

August was a packed month with
car washings

Kung Fu classes

Shoebox projector making

Decorate a pizza box for the fun of it

Art acrylic painting

Stampy Cat and Squid drawing figures placed in the Lego Ferrari 

Working the lawn mower

4H cook Club

Volunteer Appreciation day

Fun on Terraria

Ice Cream and Checkers at Aunt Sue's

While one was at a farm pollinating vegetables, the other worked

Fun with my phones art app

A meeting at the Peace Center to see what shows were coming up for the school year.

Followed by a free concert with
The Swinging Medallions

Walking from Pet Co to Walmart

A birthday party at Monkey Joe's

Another art class

A playdate at a new park with new people and old friends

Another birthday party

Playing 2048
Along with some days working with dad at work, watching out PBS shows, and Pumpkin starting Robotics at Easley High School!

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