Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

Worked at the library one day two weeks ago. They LOVED it!

Did math and manual labor at a consignment sale.

More computer games.

Seeing how a washer works.

Making the box from the new washser into a 2 story cat house.

Team work well done.  (For the most part.)

Just in time for the Leap Day kittens, 6 of them.

Round two for the washer.

"My new Mousie House", says Fireball Coyote.

Mad Science Lab with homeschooler group, yesterday.

Does or doesn't conduct electricity? 

Building a circuit to buzz the buzzer.

Which brads will make the buzzer go off?

Tesla coil was used to hear the electricity.  

Tesla coil used to light a floresent bulb.

Tesla coil used on flash paper.

Using the tesla coil it wouldn't light the bulb all the way with her holding it in the middle, she was grounding it!

Fun and lunch at a park after science with our friends.

Their gift after the class.

Noticing a "tornado" in the middle.

Then the imagination flew.  They were off making new circles and various patterns and colors to blend.

Then Pumpkin had the idea to try and fly his Lego helicopter, didn't work.

In the yard today - I spy spring:

LOVE the bee in the picture! (Upper center)

That's what we've been up to the past two weeks and then some.

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  1. What a fun-filled week! That little tornado project looks really, really fun. And getting to take apart a washer? How great is that! I love real life learning.