Sunday, March 25, 2012

Owl Pellets, Trains and Tractors Oh My

On Friday, we joined our homeschooling group for a Barn Owl lesson and pellet exploration.  I think Fireball Coyote's reaction says it all. LOL.

Both found the small bones of moles, rodents, and other animals.

After class we hung out at the train tracks again.  The boys worked on their balance on the posts and walking the tracks.  We had two trains come by us.  We realized that there is a difference the number of engines and cars they pull. We are working on data for that.  

We also walked around town.  The boys also are into the local "quilts" around the area.  This is one way people are preserving the heritage of the area.  

Saturday was dad's big plow day.

Over 55 + tractors were there.

Fields plowed and ready to plant.

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