Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A "Good" or "Bad" Unschooling Day?

   Well, last week started off the week s-l-o-w-l-y.  

Monday was "something close to nothing, but different than the day before".  Isn't that how Prince sang it?

   Tuesday, was the usual "art" with Nona, and Latin.

   Wednesday, we got more into things.  We did some April Tomfoolery Puns.
Fireball Coyote wanted to type his, but was done after the first one.
Pumpkin typed in the number and answer only.

Then we read April Foolishness, by Teresa Bateman and did a game from here.

Next the boys did their computer "thing" - Tux math and painting, and various solitaire games.

Pumpkin made an egg carton boat that took on water.
   Thursday, Fireball Coyote was all about taking pictures of birds.

I got the idea for him to make a book about this photos from here.
He put the photos in he wanted.   Now to get him to write. - (sigh).

On Saturday we had Science Lab. 
 Once a month we can sign up for a varying science class in a near by town, for a fair price.   This month we did the heart - it was rescheduled from February.
The children get to wear lab coats! SO COOL!!   


In the main entry area, they had displayed some of the children's art work, of children that attend the school.  Really Cool!!!   (Maybe I can talk Nona into doing this???)

I LOVE this one!!!
These reminded the boys of their art class in February.
Back to the lab.

   I was lucky and got to help teach the class with the main teacher.  I was to help the children find out what their pulse was resting and after jumping for about 30 seconds - 1 minute.  Then they wrote it on their tube stethoscopes.
The main teacher used her smart board and showed the children about the heart and gave information about other internal body parts.
The sheep's heart the children got to hold and learn more about the chambers and blood flow.

Fireball Coyote was traced and then the children added the organs.

Pumpkin adding the lungs.

(made from a stocking.)

After class there was enough time to feed and hold some of the animals in her classroom.
Pumpkin feeding the iguana crickets.

Boy, Pumpkin has a BIG heart!
He actually WON this too! Yeah!!


All the stuffed animals lined up to use the bathroom.

Brownies = Brown E's
(Boy did dad fall for that one!)

A lawn more lesson, with dad close by.

This idea I found here, but with site words.
I decided to help Fireball Coyote learn his two table for multiplication.  

You had to say the multiplication problem first then try to bounce the ball into that square. If you missed you had to day the answer to the number you hit.

Fireball Coyote liked jumping into the squares to figure out the answer to the problem.

Then I had him follow up with our Montessori materials, so he could see the concept of what we were doing.
( I ran out of green 2's - for any Montessorian's.)

Happy Birthday Fireball Coyote!!!

The pool they bought with some of their birthday money.
   So when a day of photo taking is compared to a science lab is one day more "educational" than the other?  Is the day of "something close to nothing" less educational than bouncing a ball in a bunch of squares with numbers?  Some days I wonder. Some days I get told the kids aren't doing enough, but every day there is a hint of learning happening.  You may not know it or see it right away, but it's there, right?  So how do unschoolers document a "good day" against a "bad day"?

I'm not sure myself.

I think it's all in the eye of the beholder.  (& teacher. ~ That's Me.)

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