Monday, April 16, 2012

Games, Groceries, Tadpoles, & Fun

Thursday, we had a game day.  The boys learned Yahtzee, played Chinese Checkers, Checkers, and learned Inner Circle.

 Friday, we had a homeschool grocery store tour and were "Food Detectives".

Started with fruits and vegetables.
Sea Food section.  Fireball Coyote is holding a lobster tail, one of his faves!
He learned that there is cooking directions on the label.  
Into the dairy & frozen food rooms.
Looking for high in fiber.
Saturday, was our Saturday Lab day.  This month was reptiles and amphibians.  And everyone took home ...

Bull Frog tadpoles!!!! YEAH! :-) (I'm excited!!!)
"Spotty" is under the rock - Pumpkin's.  "Gulper" is the bigger one - Fireball Coyote's.

Sunday, the boys helped plant the garden - corn, zucchini's, yellow squash - and then hung out.

Today, Fireball Coyote got a mohawk from his brother.

We hung a tennis ball to practice our swing.
"Dusted-off" the throw back.
Pumpkin decided to buy a pizza for lunch and a gallon of gas for the car.  All with his money.
While Pumpkin paid for the gas, I got the "Royal Treatment". 
Back window too. (Look in the rear view mirror.)

They both started the pump.

Enjoying their pizza after their work.

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