Friday, April 27, 2012

Time On My Hands


So, here's what we've been up to lately.

Tues. April 17th~ Art w/ Nona for Fireball Coyote, while Pumpkin & I gathered party supplies. Followed by Latin and a baseball game.

Wed. April 18th the boys worked on their party favors.
Foam cup holders with the kids names.

Then stuffed with magnetic "snake eggs", 1 Werther's, 1 Carmel Cream, a ring toss, an IQ game, & 2 homemade Rice Krispie treats.
 We watched Trevor Romain's Bullies are a Pain in the Brain.  They LOVED it!!!
After, the boys worked on their toothpick structure.
(Kinda hard to see the hot glue line, but) "You're always attached to something!", said Pumpkin.

Pumpkin also made us a turkey meatloaf for dinner.
At night we watched PBS's Wild Kratts, Fetch!, the news, M*A*S*H, Nova - Why Ships Sink, America Revealed - Our Transportation.

 On Thurs. April 19th, the boys figured out how long ago the Steelers wore their "bee" looking uniform that they will wear this year.  They found it was 82 years ago.  Next they counted ahead 100 days to see when the Olympics will start.  Then they watched Bullies are a Pain in the Brain, again. Actually, Fireball Coyote watched it from ~11:30 am - ~ 5:15 pm!!! He LOVES it that much!  Plus, I hope it will help him calm down some more.

Fri. April 20th.  Time to make the birthday cakes!!! :-)
Helping with his hat.

Pumpkin wanted a marble cake.

After the cakes were baked we made a Walmart run.  With some of their birthday money they bought
A fish tank.

A black light fish tank & some neon fish.

 Now to decorate the cakes!!!

 Sat. April 20th ~ IT"S PARTY DAY!!!
Both received a duffle bag full of goodies.

Plus a Tracking & Casting Kit.  (AWESOME!!!)
Then one of set of kids from the party & us walked around a festival in town.  They got free tattoos, face painting, hammered a car & drove a NASCAR simulator ride.

Sunday was a day of recovery for all!

Mon.~ Happy Birthday Pumpkin!!!
(The balloons are filled with $1 each year of the child's birthday.)

We also watched a cool video from the library called Micorcosmos - It's Jurassic Park in your own Backyard.

Tues. April 24th was a Dr.'s check up, a consignment drop off, "art" with Nona for Pumpkin and hanging out at the house for Fireball Coyote & I.  He watched PBS Kids & I cooked dinner.  Then on to Latin in the afternoon.

Wed. April 25th, we watched at night PBS's Nature - The Wolves of Chernobyl, Nova - The Secrets of the Sun, and America Revealed - Electric Nation.
(wish I could remember what we did in the day time. oh well.)

Thurs. April 26th, we had fun on this Lego web site. The boys & I had fun building various spaceships and seeing for they lift off or not.

Excited they were beating their old score!

Then we stopped by the consignment sale to pick up the tags.  We get to sort them & put the numbers and cost in the computer so the people can get paid.

Today we are going to a strawberry field to pick strawberries with our homeschool group, pick up more tags, what ever else the day brings, then a make-up rained-out baseball game from last night.  (pics to follow.)

Boy we've been busy bee's!!!

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