Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Week in Review

April 2nd.
A Rocket Popper

Put a piece of paper in it, throw it up, and it (should) pops like a paper bag.

 Tuesday, April 3rd.

If you ever wondered.  These things are under the math category in my opinion.


I LOVE this picture Fireball Coyote took!!!

Fireball Coyote noticed math in his cereal. 

We used marbles and blocks the other day.

(yours and mine)

After while one had the blocks & marbles ...

and the other got out his marbles to play.

Round 2, Day 2 & team work. 
EVERY day this week the boys were in their new pool.  It didn't matter the temperature, they went in.

They finish their lab work and made the diaphragm and lung.
Soccer pizza party and metal, 

Happy Easter!

Decorate Mr. Potato Head on the computer.

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