Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mini Tangrams & How Does Your Garden Grow

   Fireball Coyote and a friend snuck in some tangram work last week Tuesday.
Fireball Coyote's
His friends.  (Picture by, Fireball Coyote)

So far this week we ...

On Monday, planting Sugar Snap Peas in our garden.

Took a break & kicked the soccer ball around.

The boys planted Buckeyes, too.

I planted Lilies.

"Look mom.  I'm a park ranger!"

Yesterday, Pumpkin & I had lunch at the Botanical Gardens while Fireball Coyote had "art" with Nona.

Pumpkins favorite flower, a Camilla. 

The spring house.

Pumpkin's turn in the rock chair.

So serious.

Chasing lizards.

An old still.

After Latin we dropped off the teachers mower and saw all her gardens.

A cool cloud on the way home.

Fireball Coyote finishes his last art work for the day.

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