Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breakfast In Bed Makes For A Great Day

    Pumpkin made grilled cheese for breakfast for his brother and himself.    I was told this morning by Fireball Coyote, "Mommy go back to sleep. Just stay in bed".  I was asked if I wanted one.  Sure.  Breakfast was brought to me on this 

Grilled Cheese & Tea  :-)

   Fireball Coyote was happy at how cheesy it was.  He had his brother take a picture.  


    Our morning was filled with computer time, bickering, and more of the same.  After their late lunch of mac & cheese, they ventured out and came back with this.

Their new Audubon bird tree

Happily they took turns. 

   After this they decided we should go for a walk to the end of our road.  On the way back we visited the horses.  


Followed by 30 minutes of muddy fun and discoveries.  
"Look Mommy!  It made a print!  Take a picture."

I've read some where that playing in the mud adds vitamins and minerals to our system.  They had fun.  The next words out of my mouth was -  bath time!

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