Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Little Cleaning Goes A Long Way

   The day started of slow, as we do here.  After we got moving things became a little cleaner.

   The boys started their morning off on their computers playing solitaire, Tux math and painting, and a program called Marble.  It shows the Earth and can get very close up to places too.  While Fireball Coyote worked on his computer some more, Pumpkin and I played two games of Mancala - we tied, then he won.  Needless to say, he was ecstatic.

   Next, I asked what we were going to do about Valentines for a party after an art lesson with other homeschoolers this month.  Pumpkin said to do Lego Valentines, so we worked on it together.  We traced a Lego into a heart shape.  Pumpkin did his art thing and made it nicer looking.  We decided to use them as tags on our I Spy jelly jars.  We will add colored rice and various Valentines day items.  We only have 12 to make, so it shouldn't be too bad or hard.
  In my search of more jelly jars, (I found 8) I cleaned out under the kitchen sink. (ugh)   That took about five hours.  :-/  Stopping occasionally, to have a bit of lunch, watch a bit of Sun Dogs (The Jamaican sled dog team) DVD, "Mommy where is ...",  plus Fireball Coyote was motivated to do a 10 minute clean in his room, too.   YEAH!   :-)  He had asked me to stop and check on  his progress.  He did great.  He was surprised how much he could get done in 10 minutes, so he kept working. ;-)

  Now they are at the creek, I'm blogging, and waiting for the next thing.

   I know we are looking forward to our PBS line-up tonight: Nature, Nova, Inside Nature's Giants.  Fireball Coyote even said he'd take notes on the Giant's, we'll see.

Till next time.
Have a Great Day!

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