Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Loving The Imagination

   I had an interesting conversation with Firebolt Coyote today.

   We were at our local botanical gardens having lunch, since today was Pumpkin's turn for "art" with Nonna (the Italian word for grandma).  We sat at the duck pond eating and watching the mallards swim.  There were two of those big ducks, the one's that have a red beak, and their sound more like a honk than quack.  The last time we were at the pond the kids ran around the pond and discovered that she had eggs on a nest.  Firebolt Coyote started saying how ducks nurse.  When I reminded him that mammals nursed, he then combined the sperm whale program we watched on PBS and ducks.  He said that there is a duck that lays it's eggs on the sperm whale. When the ducks hatch they then nurse from the whale.  In addition, the whale sometimes eats the ducks, too.   (OH BOY!)  I sat there listening as he continued thinking what a GREAT mind.  I can't wait to see how he uses it in the future.

   Here's a few pictures (from my phone) of our adventure.
Firebolt Coyote was amazed at these roots.

A look down from where I took the tree picture.

We loved this rock chair.

Nothing beats daffodil's on the last day of January.

   As for Pumpkin.  Today he made pork chops in the crock pot (pork chops just covered with water and some chicken bullion). He did his "art" time - (art, lunch and cards) and then went to his Latin lesson today.  

   We had a good day today.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow's adventures.  Wonder what we will learn.

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