Thursday, January 19, 2012

More days under my belt

On our unschooling journey we had a great past two days.

Yesterday we did a bit of running around to the bank and post office.  Then my oldest had 'art' with grandma for a few hours, while the youngest and I shopped some more.  After our shopping we hung out at the library for forty-five minutes to an hour.  He played their educational computer games - letter blends, time and money work.  I found some books and videos for us to watch later.

When it was time we picked up his brother and took him to Latin lessons at a second library.  I LOVE that he is SO into his Latin lessons at the age of nine.  I never took Latin and know it will help him greatly with language.

After that we had a quick bite to eat then attended a third library for a Revolutionary History Program.  The boys had a great time.  They heard a few stories about the history of where we live, learned where a few 'saying' we use came from - "worth a buck" and ...  ...  another that I forgot.   In addition, they got to touch and ask questions about all the items he brought.  One of the favorites of my youngest was a beaver pelt.  He talked bout how it was used to carry items and kept them dry.  Also they learned about the weasel pouch worn by men with a crystal in it.  The crystal was to represent their spirit.  My oldest like this since he's into crystals.  The settlers and Indian's wore this up front as if to dare people to take it and their lives.  There was many more items and information shared.

Today, I got a lot of needed cleaning done as the boys worked with Lego's and played outside.  They used their math skills, problem solving skills, strategy skills in building their truck and trailer.  In addition, to building their relationship they also developed their plot and character development skills as they played in and outside.  Boy did their imagination work today.  ;-)

Needless to say dad was less than thrilled with this.  ;-/   He hasn't 'gotten' and fully accepted our unschooling.  Yet, he'll turn around later and say "I trust you".     (Sigh.)    Some days he's with us others he's not.  As with kids, time.  Time.  Time.  Explain.  Explain.  Explain.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Smile.  Smile.  Smile.

When PBS had on TV tonight the dissection of the sperm whale and I 'asked' him if they could watch it he was all "I don't care" with an "I'm not in charge" attitude.   So we watched.  WOW did we learn!  It was awesome, educational and very interesting!  They are such majestic and beautiful creatures!  It had the boys asking questions and glued to the TV.  ;-)   That's what it's all about.   Those great spontaneous moments.


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