Friday, January 27, 2012

A Zoo Mobile, Silver Back Gorilla Shirt And A Cool Find In The Woods

   We had FUN and LEARNED a lot today.  We did our zoo mobile field trip today at the library.  We started with a short movie of how they take care of a few of the animals there.  We learned that elephants have four sets of teeth, we have two.  Elephants lose them six times in their life where we lose our baby teeth and hopefully not our adult teeth.
   In addition from the file we learned that tigers and such aren't totally sedated, but put in a very relaxed state to be worked on from the vet.  The tigers and such growl as they are being examined.
   We were allowed to touch -
A Millipede from Africa

A Greened Cheek Conure

A Opossum

And what clothes would look like for a Silver-back Gorilla from N.C.
   The lady even brought shorts too.  It was HUGE.  Sadly my oldest had a reaction from the shirt, all itchy ALL over.  Some benadryl and a shower helped for a good while.  Then he got the itchies again.  :-(   We still had fun and learned new information.  Love it!

   After that we had some lunch and they boys ventured into the woods to the creek again.  They came back and wanted me to join them again.  Off we went.  

 DS 7 worked his way up the creek pausing on the side to "fish".  He had just a stick and would sit on the side of the bank.

Finally got him "fishing"!

Me too Mommy. Me too!

Our woods finding for the salamander.

My favorite is this.  A piece of tree eaten out by termites.  All the layers are AMAZING!

Till next time.
Peace, love, and smiles.

(Name change - DS 9 decided he wants to be called Pumpkin from here on out.  And DS 7 decided on Fireball Coyote. )

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