Thursday, January 26, 2012

What We've Been Up To Lately

   Tuesday the boys and I hung out in the morning doing much of nothing.  Buy afternoon we headed out to drop one child off at "art" with grandma.  It's "art" because she does a bit of art with them and then a few other things.  For example, last week the oldest also did scrabble, play a game or two of War and Go Fish, plus have a bite to eat.  Tuesday, the youngest, did some art, played War - the card game,  and on her computer playing chess, Monjong, and Mind Sweeper.
   While the youngest was doing that my oldest and I checked out oven parts, had some lunch, checked out Hobby Lobby, then Walmart.  We found a few great deals at H.L. some of those scratch off pictures with the colors underneath were on sale, along with a search and find the differences in the picture packet.    After we picked up brother, we headed to Latin lessons.  The youngest colored and did maze work.

   Yesterday, the boys worked on their computers for a while then Like I said I "kicked" them outside.  They went to the creek and did their playing thing.  Then I sent them to the "back 40" and they did their thing there, too.  Later last night we watched Nature - Fortress of the Bears - the bears of an Alaskan island waiting for salmon.  Then turned of the TV for an hour.  DS, 7, and I played Cribbage for an hour, his first game ever.  We stopped at 10:00 pm to watch Inside Nature's Giants - Monster Python.  the boys LOVED it.  We all learned so much again.  We can't wait till next weeks on the Great White Shark.   The youngest even said he'd take notes!  (We'll see!)

   Today, we sat at the computer :-/   Things became nuts after awhile.  So I went to make lunch and DS 9 headed outside.  DS 7, stopped complaining  when brother headed out and joined him.  They went to the creek to do their thing again.  An hour later they came back and invited me.  I joined them and we had great discoveries.

Under some burn tree bark I found a salamander.  

My oldest, DS 9, was SO excited and insisted NO one else pick it up except him.  He has always wanted a pet anole so we did a no-no.  

We brought it home and set in up in a tank.  DS 9, said he only wants to keep it for a while then let it go again.  

So while tanks set up was going on, I also had this happening.

DS 7, decided that the grill wasn't working (right before I needed it for dinner) and he needed to repair it.  This was a very interesting conversation.  Even though we have 3 cats on the porch "there were mice and rats in the side burner.  So the chaise needed replaced along with a few other parts."  (Ahhhhh.  The joys of working with dad on his mowers.)  

It was a great unschooling day. 

Tomorrow is a field trip to the local library and see zoo animals.  Hopefully DS 7 will feel it is applicable to his desire to be a Park Ranger.  If not, I hope they learn something new still.

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