Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wash, Work, Draw

  It's amazing how we never stop learning.

   Sunday, Fireball Coyote went to the laundry mat with me.  We discovered a door between the washers, it opens.  We watched the gears spinning, water flowing out and thought it was cool. We talked about how it makes the tumbler move one way then the other way.  He got a big thrill out of it.  Then his mind took off.  He started talking about how he could build one ( a gear system) to hook up to a tractor and make our washer go.  Love his mind.   :-)

   Monday, was me cleaning my bedroom (ok, I was putting the rest of teh Christmas decorations away)  and the boys working with PS2, Lego's, and a bit of outside time.  It was all good though.  They even watched one of their favorite shows, Wild Kratts, on PBS kids, and I got all I needed to done. (Yeah me!)

   Today, was an art day.  I signed the boys up for a homeschoolers art class with a local artist.  It is a two hour class for the next four Tuesdays.  Today, they did basic drawing and shading.  The boys seemed to really enjoyed it and are looking forward to next week.  Everyone did well.
   Fireball Coyote had "art" with Nona today, too.  "He was VERY into it today",  I was told.  She was happy and impressed.  I'm glad the enthusiasm continued from the mornings class.  ;-)  He also watched an hour of TV, PBS Kids.  :-/
   Pumpkin and I did lots of running around today: Walmart, a country food store, and a friends house.  I was literally driving in circles today.  I cancelled Latin today.  The teacher called about some paving going on and wasn't sure what to do.  So, I cancelled it, since Pumpkin also forgot his book, it was easier.
   Before dinner they watched Fetch!, on PBS Kids.  There was a colonial time period setting and challenges.  The boys really enjoy that show too (as do I).  After dinner the boys discovered my magnetic snowflakes with magnetic base.  Fireball Coyote had the idea to line up the snowflakes and hold the base close over it and watch them jump up.  He loved it.
   Now it is M*A*S*H and ice cream.  Time to go scoop.

   Still pondering on that book.  Thinking of our garden, more handmade foods, and farmers markets.   Thinking it might be key.  Hummmmmm ....

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