Thursday, February 2, 2012

Raising Future Biologists?

  With all the PBS programs we've been watching, I wondered last night if my boys would grow up to be biologists.  Well, after today I shouldn't be too surprised if they do.

   We started our day at the local park.  With an obstacle course that led to time at the creek.

   At the creek we saw raccoon prints, the boys dug in the dirt and floated sticks in the creek.  All of this goes on underneath a covered bridge.  (Or as I grew up calling them "Kissing Bridges".)

We headed home and Pumpkin made us a late lunch, Chicken Devonshire.  Then, believe it or not, the REAL fun started!  The boys headed to the creek at our house while I checked email.  Fireball Coyote comes back and announces that Pumpkin found salamander eggs!  

Salamander Eggs

Then they found not one, but two baby salamanders.

"Baby" Salamander

Minnow hunting while looking for the baby salamander.

Got two
   After all that excitement, we then transplanted daffodils and collected worms.  The boys were all in to it too!  (YEAH!)  We took apart three clumps of flowers.   We still have some to plant from those clumps and MANY more clumps to separate too.  Pumpkin is asking if we can do more tomorrow.  We'll see if there is time after our field trip to see what animal groomers do.  I hope that spark doesn't burn out though.

   Biologists in the future.  Maybe.  Fireball Coyote does want to be a Park Ranger, so you never know.

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