Sunday, February 12, 2012


    Time.  time.  TiMe.  TIME.
    Hate it.  Love it.  Need it.  Don't.  It comes no matter what.  For me, it gets away, goes fast, goes slow and can be great and a pain.  This time it got away.

   Our time since my last post was filled with PS2, Lego's, outside time, bickering, PBS Nature and Inside Natures Giants, cooking, Kids Club night at a friends local church, and a bowling birthday party.  There has been no real outstanding greatness of the week in my mind, except our Wednesday PBS night and Thursday's Kids Club night.  PBS rocked as usual.  (There is even a repeat of it on now.)  Comparing a tiger and a lion.  Everyone couldn't stop watching, wowing, and being amazed.   Kids Club is a night the boys look forward to once a month.  Our Mennonite friends church started having a monthly meeting spin off from their VBS week.  It is a HUGE hit.  They normally average 40+/- kids.  I counted about half the kids were community kids.  That is great!

Ooooo. Just hit me there was one day the kids had a great time.  I saw this idea in a blog I get.

   The boys took their dad's work shirt and stuffed pillows under it then pretended they were Sumo wrestlers.  It was hysterical.  

   And as I look at the loaded pictures I noticed this...

   On Monday, I think it was, we colored rice.  These are our Valentines for our homeschooler art party.  I had several, 9, jelly jars that we filled with white, lt. pink, med. pink, and red rice.  We saw several ways to color the rice, but went with 1 tsp. Hydrogen Peroxide and then one, three, and six drops of red food coloring.  It was SO simple and quick to make and dried just as quickly.  We added 1/4 cup of each color plus various objects to look for - glitter hearts, pompom, wooden LOVE letters, a fake flower, a small eraser, clear glass stone, buttons in shades of red and pink.  I hope it will be a hit.  On Tuesday I will post pictures of the finished product and the kids.  

   So, all in all I guess all in all it wasn't a slow and boring as I thought.  Yeah me!

   I think I found a AWESOME kid friendly email.  We just started using it today.  I'll inform you more as we explore it.  Let's just say they can only email friends on their list (it is a closed email system) and I can opt to get their (out going only) mail in my real account.    OH YEAH! Bonus!  

Have a grand week.  Remember to :-) .

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