Monday, May 20, 2013

Cows and Cow Eyes

A friend of ours, "Max", his mom is tired of the homeschool field trip groups and is planning her own trips.  She text-ed me and asked if we'd like to come along.  So we did.
HOWEVER, on this day, in the morning, we were to do a homeschool trip with a group and couldn't fine them, at all.  It was a VERY frustrating morning!  But, we enjoyed the afternoon on the farm with our friends.

"Milking" a cow at Happy Cow Farms.  

The 'nursery' cows waiting to give birth.

Where the cows are milked.

Our tractor ride

Afterwards, we got to taste their milk (which we've had before) and ice cream! Yum!

Working on fire building skills and cleaning up more wood.

This is what happens to a loaf of "homemade" bread machine bread in my house. It disappears!

Getting ready for his game and Pumpkin has class at RMSC.

 So while Pumpkin was in class I scrolled through my texts. I let the boys text their dad, grandma, aunt, uncle, friends, and that.  As you can see we are still getting the hang of some words.  Gotta love ~ compyouter ~ though.  When I pointed it out, I was blamed for it.  "That's what you said mom!"  (I don't remember that one.)

Love the pollen here ~ NOT!!!

This is where some of you may want to stop.  Eye dissection lab.  Pumpkin got to see the different parts of a cow's eye and what other animals have that are similar and different.

This is Pumpkin's work.  He didn't want to put it on the sheet provided.  

Then we caught up with Fireball Coyote and his game.

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