Friday, May 31, 2013

More Random Education

The boys are still doing their daily learning with tv, computer & video games, and  life.
Pumpkin wondered what was for breakfast.  I told him he could  make pancakes.
"Z.J." decided to help.

Helping clean up at the consignment sale.

Bagging  up the toys so we can sort them into their correct cosigner number.

Sad news that changed after a good nights sleep.
 Fireball Coyote was even crying when he wrote this.
(he didn't see me peeking)

When he woke up, he was willing to help clean the bathroom & kitchen.

Cutting grass.

Helping with the yard work.

Mushrooms from lab that went to mold :-(

Before a baseball game, Pumpkin worked with his remote helicopter.

Then kept score on my phone, again. (he misses the score board!)

Helping repair the Latin teacher's mower.

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