Friday, May 31, 2013

Homeschool Days at Camp YMCA

Twice a year Camp Greenville has homeschool days.  We missed the first one, since we had that stomach bug, but made the second.

Pumpkin LOVED this view and snapped the shot.

The boys started the day off with Riflery.
Pumpkin was chosen to help hang the targets.

Then it was on to the Zip Line.

I missed Pumpkin going down since I was trying to get to the other side.  

 But, I got Fireball Coyote going across.

After the zip line the boys had lunch and I left with L.J. so he could be picked up.  So I missed them doing archery.  I offered the camera to them, but neither wanted it.  (darn!)

When I got back (still had L.J.), I just caught Fireball Coyote getting out of the canoe. 

Then we turned around and had a baseball game.
WOW!  What a packed day!

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