Friday, May 31, 2013

Oceans Class

Right after Second Saturday Space Day, we went to Oceans Lab.

Getting ready to do the Magic Hat Prize.

Look who it picked!!!!  (YES!)

Holding a live Fiddler Crab.

Holding a Blue Crab and a Squid.

I LOVE the focus on counting the rows of teeth!

 Say "Cheese!"

Various sharks teeth.

Learning about Muscles, Clams, and Oysters.

Parts of the clam.

What a shrimp!

Trying on scuba gear.

Now on to some fish.

But first, they got to choose some shells and learn their names.

Holding an octopus!

The Toad Fish.

"Look! I'm holding it like a bass!"

Pin fish.

Now it's time to learn about the insides.

We went from space to the oceans all in one day!  

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