Monday, May 20, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are and Plow Day

The boys are BIG into Rolblox, and both enjoyed playing on their computers (while they both were running) together.

Later that day we stopped by the storage shed.

In a bush in front of the library at Latin, baby birds were discovered.

Fireball Coyote read 2 books.

Pumpkin helped make L.J.'s breakfast.

They clean out a 'new' pool we got.
We put just a bit of water in it since we had L.J. in it too.

On Friday, we finally!, made it to acting class!! (WOOHOO!!!)
Sitting in the "Green Room" waiting for the other group to finish.
 The week we missed the other children decided to act out "Where The Wild Things Are", by Maurice Sendak.  All the kids could try out for the 'main' part.  Then everyone got two votes for who they thought was best.  Pumpkin won the role.

After that it was time to meet dad and see what was up with his Plow Day event.

Fireball Coyote wanted to see if a strawberry would sink or float.

Afterwards, we rested Sunday.  We were all vegetables.
Sadly.  Our beloved beagle died. He is the first pet that my husband and I had together.
 R.I.P. Beagle.  You are missed.

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