Friday, May 31, 2013

The Price of a Slide

On Tuesday, we went and dropped off our things at the consignment sale.  The boys noticed a Frisbee Golf Course.  We didn't have mush time to check it out, so they tried out the 2 closest and then tossed the Frisbee around a bit before Latin class.

 At Latin, Fireball Coyote continued to use the Frisbee.
At one point he collected some seeds from a bush.  I had him guess how many were there, then count them.
I guessed about 15 and Fireball Coyote guessed about 19.
There was 24.

He had it stuck in a bush and used a sock to help get it out.

On the way home, Pumpkin had an idea and drew it out.  

Pumpkin lost his Last tooth!
M baby is growing up!

This $5 slide really cost ...

A tire

Luckily, someone stopped to help.   I was ready to call AAA, but they said they got it.

Someone is Stuck!

Working on spelling, by keeping score on my phone.
(The score controller was left out and ruined. : (   )

Heard about this cool web site, make your own Pokemon.

 ( I know. I know.  I was rolling my eyes before with Pokemon.)
  However, here they work on spelling, math, saving, up loading images  and more!
Now, if I can just figure out how to print them the same size!

 Time for a 'new used' tire.
Fireball Coyote was working on this puzzle last year. He solved it!  Way to go Fireball Coyote! thanks   ~ he typed as I'm blogging.

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