Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Frogs, Frogs, Frogs & More

We had a day full of frogs and other night creatures.

The boys started out at Saturday Science Lab and got a bullfrog tadpole and learned about frogs in our area.

Then we went straight to RMSC for a frog class, for all.
Since we had time to kill, the boys looked in a shell pit for sharks teeth.

Putting their heads together ;-)

Getting ready in the Ecology Lab.

 We had a great meeting with people from the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program.

We learned the difference between frogs and toads with egg laying, looks , and sounds.
They mainly focused on the Fowler's toad, Green Frog, Green Treefrog, Pickerel Frog, and the Spring Peeper frog.

The yellow is where they normally find the Green Treefrogs, however, they seem to be moving  upstate.  Not so many are now found in the southern part. As with some other frogs and toads.

Then we went to a local lake to search and listen for the frogs and other night life.

Examining a turtle shell.

How to tell if the Fowler's toad is a male or female.

Proper holding of a frog or toad.

Looking for the Green Treefrog.

Feeling the sticky pads they have.

Holding the Green Treefrog.

Back home again.

Baby turtles were discovered.

Pumpkin discovered what he thought was a water snake.  It turned out to be a leach!
Sadly, Pumpkin didn't make it into any of the photos since many of the other people in the group literally pushed him out of the way.  He'd peek if he could then moved on up the trail.

Here's what it looked like with one of Fireball Coyote's pictures before I cropped it ~

A mass of people trying to get a look.
I felt so bad for Pumpkin, he is usually the amphibian kid at home.  

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