Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Last Week of "no" School

While the boy were off with their friends dad & I had a good time hanging out and sleeping!
He even cut me a rose!

Remember what my May looked like at the beginning of the month?
This is what it ended up looking like.

After the boys came back they worked on more Pokemon cards.

Fireball Coyote had an impromptu lesson on the scale, fractions, reducing fractions, and decimals.

Pumpkin waiting for his Latin teacher, playing with his 'new' Lego's.

We went on another Happy Cow tour with a different homeschool group.
We are looking forward to doing more with them this summer.

Sometimes at night, the boys play thier Pokemon game.  Pumpkin get VERY frustrated when Fireball Coyote decided to quit or/& gives up. So ....
he made a contract for them to sign.

while Fireball Coyote worked on Adventure Quest.

They finished some of the left over yard work.

picking up sticks

Made bread, 2 loaves.

Played the PS2 and learned more about how to control the car they are driving.

Pumpkin's bread was GREAT!

Fireball Coyote's not so much.
I'll need to watch him closer.

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