Wednesday, June 26, 2013

AG Simulator, Oceans, & Rabbits

Monday we went to the library to do the AG Simulator and while we were there Fireball Coyote got his first check on his reading log. He received a "hard hat", sticker, and put his name on the

(at least he took his shoes off, right.) ;-)

Back out to see if it's our turn, not yet.

Learning to look for a book.

They went at the same time and harvested wheat.

They weren't that thrilled with it. :-/

My "service man" helps me out again.

A typical look now a days.

When we get home Pumpkin makes Fettuccine Alfredo.

Then they played Pokemon.
(Fireball Coyote said NO & crawled out of the picture.)

We went to the movies for free! They were showing Disney's Oceans.  WE LOVED IT!  It was great! There was so many places they filmed, and so many different animals, fascinating!
My MIL stopped by, I told her about the free movies and she was the same movie the next and and enjoyed it just as much as us.

at the library for part of the summer reading program was rabbits.
They talked about how they 'dress-up' the rabbits for pictures.  They make calendars, note cards, story books, and more.  The lady talked about how she measures each rabbit so the clothes fit.
by, Fireball Coyote

by, Fireball Coyote

  • We also learned that there are 75 different color types for rabbits. And even more in the breeds. 
  •  A rabbit can live now if well taken care of for 14 - -17 years.  
  • They can associate a vice with the care provided; if one person feeds it. I knows that it 's time to eat  when they hear that voice.  
  • A freckle can eliminate a rabbit from a competition.  
  • A piece of Angora is about 3 1/2 inches long.
  • When a rabbit sheds it can be used in clothing.
  • The mom rabbit is known as a doe.
  • When the female has babies she lines the nest with her own fur.
  • A rabbit that is 2 or more colors is called 'broken'.

The library get a good crowd, so we try to go early.

How they hold rabbit for a check up.

Time for Fireball Coyote to pet them all.

At the end, I couldn't figure out if it was torture for the rabbits or cute.

Then a game of 'tag' was played on the yard in front with our homeschool friends.

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