Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let the New School Year Begin!

 First Day of School!

I asked a lady to meet me at the farmer's market so I could buy a tent from her.
Fireball Coyote snapped this shot while we were waiting.

They were frustrated waiting, too.  But they showed.
Then we shopped. We bought delicious lettuce, strawberries, shrimp ,
and the boys had a good size chocolate chip/chunk cookie for breakfast.
(Yah. I rock ;-)  )

Later he petted him.  A 3 yr. old a Sun Crested (??) Parrot.
The man said he grow to be twice as big & they live for 100 years!

When we were leaving Pumpkin noticed a cannon.

I asked if there was a sign to talk about it.  He said."No."

Fireball Coyote found it and read it.
 Then we went to the P.O., paid for my storage shed, and grocery shopped at Wallmart.
Choosing more Pokemon.

Then using his own money to buy them.

While he looked at his cards ... 

Pumpkin was getting the tent ready.
(we didn't get any directions either)

Later he came to help.
 We had most of it together & up, but became frustrated in getting it to stand and stopped.
Later, I napped, an idea came to me on getting it to stand, need to try it.  Now, if I could get the kids to nap, we'd all be fine.  ;-)

Dad helped them fold it before the rains come tonight.

Then it was time for the Pens game.
Let's Go PENS!!!!

While playing Pokemon & eating dinner.

Later, Pumpkin went to dad's shop, Fireball Coyote ...

Started to clean up after dinner.
"What should I do with this tomato?" he asks.
"I'll put salt on it and eat it."


"No, me."

 He wouldn't stop moving so I could get one good picture.  Oh well, it became a great conversation.
He gave up on putting dinner away, so I got him to vacuum.
Then it was on to dessert, Banana Ice Cream! YUMMY!
(The link is not the one I originally used, but it will work.
I can't find anything I've Pinned.)

During last night (till ~ midnight (or so) and tonight, ), Pumpkin look at and copied down some of his favorite elements.

It was a great first day of school.

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