Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The First Full Week of School

  (12 Days of Christmas tune)

~  On the second day of homeschooling my boys ...

 just played their video race car game,  it seemed to dad and I.  I know they also helped dad in the shop a bit, too.  It was a rainy day though, guess it was relaxing though for all.

~  On the third day of homeschooling my boys ...

 played outside, did a spelling game with me (Word Bird) on Slingo.com , had computer time for about 35 minutes each. We did some errands around town and
signed up for the summer reading program at the library.

I came inside at one point and Pumpkin was trying to cut onions to go with the hamburgers for dinner.
Later, Fireball Coyote tried helping by making the hamburgers, but the meat was too cold still.
 Then I had an idea!  I'm going to (try) let them cook one lunch a week and one dinner a week.  That will give me a break :-)  They get off lucky / ease into it next week.  We have VBS and dinner is served every night there.  (woohoo!)

Later, they played more outside and are "relaxing" in their room.

I, sometimes, never realize how much they do do in there at night. ~
  Pumpkin sometimes writes in his journal, or makes a cartoon, or copies the elements, makes his own Pokemon cards, and more.
  Fireball Coyote usually reads when he settles down after a L - O - N - G while.  I may find him with a book beside or on top of him, since he fell asleep reading.
  Sadly, I often forget to write these things in our 'book'.  But, I know they are learning and that shows in the long run.

I guess them learning shows because of this conversation dad had with one of Fireball Coyote's teammates.
 The teammate commented to Fireball Coyote's dad, "Fireball Coyote is really smart, huh?"
"Well, I think so," dad replied.
"I bet he reads a lot."
"Yes, he does."
"Yah, he's smart."
This coming form a child, I found out the other night, is in the G.T. (Gifted & Talented) class at his PS.

~  On the fourth day of homeschooling my boys ...

sat in "L.J.'s pool" and 'cooled off '. When I stepped outside I heard them making up an adventure in their minds.
Both later in the afternoon played with L.J. in it. Pumpkin stayed in the longest.
Fireball Coyote went right back to the computer.

Played PS2 car racing  game and Adventure Quest on the computer all afternoon.
Fireball Coyote said to me one day last week, "Why can't we have a week where we do what WE want, not what you plan?!?"  So, this is that week.  It will be interesting to see what happens. I predict more PS2 & computer games. :-/ But, we'll see. They may surprise me.

                       ~  On the fifth day of homeschooling my boys ...

Pumpkin and I did Animal Jam together in the morning.  There is even peer pressure there.

When both boys were up they did the same ~ Adventure Quest and PS2.  Later that night they made up their own "Convoy" game, Pumpkin was note-taker.

~  On the sixth day of homeschooling my boys ...

took turns with the PS2 and Adventure Quest.  Later that night it was Fireball Coyote's baseball awards night. 

Being a home schooler sometimes others leave you out.
One team mate had all the kids make room for everyone!
Even a child that arrived even later, when everyone was eating.

Pumpkin wanted some "mommy time" so we read a few books.  I chose Math Curse and Science Verse.  I let Pumpkin choose from some 'grammar' book I have and he chose Slide and Slurp, Scratch and Burp.

~  On the sixth day of homeschooling my boys ...

Helped one of dad's tractor buddies rearrange his tractors.  Dad's friend had a heart attack one day back in March, before plow day, and couldn't make it.  He also has lung problems from Agent Orange.  Now he's full time on oxygen.  Since he lives relatively close, Kannapolis NC, a groups of his friends came and helped for the morning.

Our science for the day was observing a dead bat.
(2 "gross" pictures ahead.  Either scroll fast or close your eyes & scroll)

When we were done at the house we traveled back to SC and stopped at Prime Outlets, mommy needed a new mini food processor.  

I looked out my window and noticed this~

                                            This picture says it all at the end of the afternoon.

In your opinion, how many days would you say were countable?  Which ones and why?

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