Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Susan B. Anthony, Herman Melville, Legends of Camelot, Greenville Chautauqua and the Summer Solstice

We went to Center Stage and saw Susan B. Anthony presented by Greenville Chautauqua.  
This show had sign language interpreters.  (WOOHOO!)  The boys had fund watching her as the show went on and picked up a few signs and recognized many.
We took the back row.  These shows fill up FAST!

The lady in the brown was the main interpreter. The lady in the black  was the 'audience' when it was audience question time and signed what was asked.

Marjorie Goldman, portrayed Susan B. Anthony Wonderfully!

 We learned that Susan was taught with her brothers and sister.  Their family items were sold when when was younger.  From this she learned that the wife had zero property rights in a marriage.  Which lead her to believe that women needed to be more involved in politics.  She was a member of the Daughter's of Temperance.  She postponed the Woman's Rights crusade till the end of the Civil War.

 When Susan became Marjorie, we learned that there were men who asked for her hand in marriage, but she turned them down.  Her brothers did supported her in her cause.  The property act was passed, repealed, and passed again.  Every where Susan traveled she traveled alone, train, boat, it didn't matter.  Susan died at 86 years old and the woman's right to vote was passed after her death.

When we arrived home, Fireball Coyote went to play with the neighbor and Pumpkin watched Gunsmoke.  Then we heard a knock on the door.  L.J. and his mom stopped by for a visit and to drop off the cat carrier. They wanted to go to the park, but Fireball Coyote wanted to play with the neighbor, so they hung out for an hour or so.  Later that night, they watched some M*A*S*H, played A.J. and headed back out to play till dark.

One of the things Pumpkin did at night.  It even lead to a radius and diameter mini lesson.
He made this to upload to Animal Jam.


We went back to a Greenville Chautauqua performance, Herman Melville, by George Frein, PhD, and founder of Greenville Chautauqua at the Fountain Inn Arts Center.  

Pumpkin filled out a survey card, but was too scared to turn it in.

Fireball Coyote 'killed time' by doing a spot the difference card game.

Then Herman Melville arrived.  He sat and talked a bit about himself and 

mentioned his book Moby Dick.
When he stood he took on the role of Ishmael and told the story. At least chapters 1-22 and some at the end.  Later Herman answered questions.  He said that he dedicated the book to Hawthorne. That Hawthorne, and his wife, both read, understood and liked the book.  A question lead to a description of whaling.  
Then he became George and answered more questions. Herman was born in NY city and moved to Albany NY after his dad's death at the age of 12.  To have money to help the family he took on a whaling job. Melville was married and had four children, two boys and two girls.  One son committed suicide and the other died from a sickness.  His daughters married and had children of their own.

Fireball Coyote (even though he "wasn't listening") wanted to ask a question.
"Is Moby Dick still alive today?"
A letter was written to Melville saying that someone had see it, but Melville said it wasn't him.
George talked a bit more and Fireball Coyote became confused, but nodded and listened.  As we left he asked me,
"Mom, is he still alive? What did he say?"
"No, honey.  He's dead"
"O.K. Good."

After the show we were to meet some S.O.S. friends for a playdate, but everyone canceled.  I tried to find something else for us to do in town, since we were doing another Greenville Chautauqua event at 7 PM.  The first thing out of Pumpkin's mouth was, " Do you have a library card for Greenville so can we get on the computer at a library?"  "Ummmm. No."  So after I suggested a park, the zoo, window shopping, or anything else, I drove home and they got on the computers.  We left at 5:30PM, so we could get dinner, walk to the event site and get 'good' seats.  They got off with a bit of a fuss, and the rest of the night went well.

People getting ready.

Splashing in the creek before the show.

People that decided to sit right in front of me. :-/

King Arthur riding in.

I believe a wedding was happening as singers from GLOW were preforming before King Arthur spoke.

Then King Arthur spoke to the masses.

One brave volunteer got to wear the armor children wore then.

The shield.

The sword.

And the mesh protector.

Two brave men showed how the army would stand and guard in battle.

With shields interlocked, one would poke with the spear.

The other whack them on the head with the hatchet.

Then they would separate so another would swing a two handed hatchet and either decapitate them or
cut them in half.

"And that is how battles were won."

During the audiences time to ask questions we learned that ~
*King Arthur only ruled for 9 months before his death in battle. 
*King Arthur was married and had kids.
* The horses that he rode in on (for Benedict Arnold and King Arthur) are not his, but a member of the Chautauqua's.

Then we walked along Greenville's Liberty Bridge.

Some ducks that Fireball Coyote spotted and snapped a picture of.

Someone was nervous and scared.

But, not Pumpkin.

After we walked back up town and went to Marble Slab for ice cream. Then headed home.
A great way to spend the summer solstice. 

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