Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Little Summer Fun

Sunday, Pumpkin made pancakes for breakfast and dad liked them better than what he makes. :-)
The boys then alternated with the PS2 and helping dad around the yard and shop.

Pumpkin was jealous that Fireball coyote went to the corner gas station without him, so he made pudding, "NOT to share".

But he shared.

 Later that night we were able to get PBS in (trouble with the antenna since I accidentally sunk the remote and we can't "update" the channels)  and watched Rick Sebak's Great Old Amusement Parks and Nature's Invasion of the Giant Python.

Monday, the boys worked with the PS2 a bit in the morning, then we ran a few earns.  Then it was back to the PS2, Rolblox, and a conversation about quad, tri, bi, and mon.
Pumpkin was on dinner duty and made Stouffer's lasagna.

Tuesday was more computer work and playing with the neighbor.

Wednesday, they got a bit of PS2 in then we headed to Greenville to see the $1 movie, Mr. Popper's Penguins.  By the end Fireball Coyote couldn't understand why he didn't want to see it last year.

The rest of the day and Thursday it was a BIG battle of attitudes. (ugh!)  I think it was a combination of too much PS2 and that they were excited about our trip to PGH on Sunday.

Friday, was a packed day.  They started with PS2, went to stopping by a friends on the way to dad's work, and then heading to Pumpkin's best friends for a 4 hour lunch and swimming playdate.  Followed by a bit of shopping at a great all natural store.  Going home and working on packing.
Nothing beats eating ice cream poolside.  

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