Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Musgrove Mill State Park

This is the day we were to go to PGH, but it was delayed by a meeting of the minds and to get to know more unschoolers/life learners/interest led learners/ ...  that live (from us) an hour and a 15 minutes away.

We were the first to arrive, so 

we checked out the ranger house.
Inside we had a lesson on the area and how the Patriots beat the Red Coats in the area.
Learning how to fold a map.

We worked on part 2 of the Jr. Ranger badges.
She was SO nice!!! She even printed out the sheets we needed, since I left ours in the car.

Just as we were finishing up, the others had arrived.  We all headed over to the lake for a picnic lunch. When we were walking to the table I noticed baby frogs.  It wasn't long till the boys noticed them too.

We tried HARD to watch out step!

Fireball Coyote snapped this shot of a black and yellow dragonfly and a baby frog.  Can you spot them???

After lunch we caravanned to the waterfall.

The kids worked on the dam.

There was an upper part too.

I noticed these little black spiral shell like creatures 'swimming' around in the water.
Pumpkin said they are water beetles. 

Looking on Google, I found a link that says they might be Whirligig Beetles.
I don't recall ever seeing something like them before, interesting!  

The upper part had a deeper part too.

I noticed some tadpoles.

Working on another dam.

This was too cute!

Traveling up stream.

I noticed some trash on the ground.  Part of our Jr. Ranger duties is to help keep the parks clean.
The boys and I were given gloves and a bag to gather trash.

What is the BIGGEST pollutant in the parks?!?!?

Cigarette butts!

Fun with my glove.
Home to finish loading the car for our big road trip!

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