Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An Exotic Morning

Saturday morning we went to the home of the animals from the Scales and Tails show at the library, for an Open House/Fund Raiser.

Fireball Coyote took a picture of the Bobcat, Dakota.
(middle of the picture by the chain link fence.)

Then Fireball Coyote did a Nerf gun shooting game.

Pumpkin wanted Fireball Coyote to get him a prize too.  But when I said, "He's using YOUR ticket", he changed his mind and went.

There were LOTS of birds for us to look at.

A tortoise.

No,  a few.

More birds.

An alligator.
(Not sure where the baby one was that they take on field trips.)

The bird they take on field trips.

The reptile house.

With some monkey's.  

One of the great things is, we're going to help out in any way we can.  This is be a wonderful lesson for them with all the "critters" they like and can't have.  In addition to Fireball Coyote wanting to maybe being a Park Ranger and doing some kind of animal rescue.
(A chef is his other career choice.  I say, "Do it all"!)

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