Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Vacation Part 1

We headed north to Pittsburgh for a couple of weeks to visit family, celebrate a birthday, hang out, and do things we love to do there and can't here.

One of the great excitements is driving through the mountains of NC.

They are very pretty going from NC into TN

A picture from Fireball Coyote's window.
The Welcome to Tennessee sign was missed by a camera boy.

But they got Virginia's.

They LOVE going through the tunnels from VA to WVA.
This time we clocked the miles in between. Eighteen miles from one tunnel to the other.

Then we are in Wild and Wonderful WVA.

Then after five hours through WVA. we hit PA.
As we get closer to my mom's the boys know to look for the Blue Belt signs to get closer.

They ABSOLUTELY LOVE driving on the cobble stone road at the end of my mom's street.

The first day we visited my friend/ their aunt's house.
We played a cool game called Boccini, (which we LOVED and are on the hunt for) Frog Pond, Uno, then 

Dairy Queen Blizzards, and a few minutes at a local park.
The boys were feeling the mugginess of the north and decided to go back to her house.

We looked at her pictures from Haiti, where they put in new water systems. (pg. 6&7) 

Time for one more game of Frog Pond.

I have a picture of the boys in this swing when they were much younger.
I tried to get another shot ...

 But they got silly.

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