Monday, September 30, 2013

Plow Day????, Sunflowers and Gold!!

I'm all caught up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Heading off early in the morning is one thing hubby loves to do, for many reasons.
  On Friday, it was one of his reasons.


So, for three (3) hours we sat, played with the grass, read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

watched traffic, 

hung our feet out the window
and practice braiding.

Between the help of hubby's friend and AAA's,
three hours later  we were on the road again.

The culprit!
 After finally making it to Charolette, NC, we dropped off things at his friends house and camper.  Then the boys and I were off doing our thing.

The Reed Gold Mine.

We bought our pans and swirled them. 

And swirled them. 
Until we were down to a handful of sand.
Then if you are lucky enough, you will ...
find a flake of gold, just like Pumpkin did.

After doing three pans, Fireball Coyote found nothing.
In his other two, Pumpkin found nothing.
And in my one I found nothing.
So we bought some "stocked" pans to do later.

 We didn't have enough time to tour the mine like last year, so we headed to where we were staying.

Then it was time for dinner.
At dinner we find out that we may NOT get to plow!  The fields are all covered in pumpkins and the area we are to plow has never been plowed and is next to the apple shooting area.
All this hassle and we might not get to plow?!?!?!?!?)


Time to unload.

Socialize and eat breakfast.

This years event was not as big as last years.
Very disappointing. 

Is it plowable???
Is it?
Is it??

We had only this small field to plow.
They weren't even allowed to do the whole field.

But they all had fun and that's what matters!

 Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins, as far as the eye can see.

So Pumpkin, was done and ready to hit the river at the farm to pan for gold.
Soon, Fireball Coyote joined us to find a spot.

We never did.
It was too much like a cliff and straight down.
SO sad :`-(
So it was off to the slides they went. 

"WHOA! That was fast!!", exclaimed Fireball Coyote.

Then it was time to load and head back.

I Finally got my dinner bell.
(Been asking hubby to make one. Better this way than no way!)

Group picture of those who 'actually' plowed.

Then the guys chatted some more.
(& they think women are bad. HA!)

All in all, it was a good day.

Everyone was pooped.

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