Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hunting Gold and Mice

After our weekend "excursion", we took it a bit easy Sunday.

The boys learned how to work the Mantis.
Leveling it out.
Fill the weed  whacker for dad.

Collecting sap to have a "fire rock".

Happy with his success.

 Later that afternoon, the boys couldn't wait any longer to pan again.

The flat shiny piece, near the middle, is a gold flake.

Fireball Coyote's findings so far.

One of our baby kittens felt , "Pumpkin" the need to get in on some action.

I love it's cute little footprints!

Fireball Coyote learned how to ride Pumpkins 12 speed.

I am surprised when the boys go outside to play and I find them sitting and talking or walking and talking.  They play Rolblox, Mind Craft, Ninjago, and more 'made-up' games (combining games or making their own rules) to these games.  I can find them out there for at least and hour and a half or more some days.  They even 'play' these games in the car, and at bedtime in their room.

Later that night it was ...

Soccer time!

Then Pumpkin's turn.
Love back to back games ;-)

Helping with L.J.
Some days we do our learning in the evening, like Wednesdays.  The boys watch their PBS kids shows, MeTV, have computer time, which all is educational in its own way.  Later come their Latin lessons, and the PBS Nature, Nova, and third show.  Which for others may carry more 'educational value' than Arthur, Cat In the Hat, Daniel Boone, Leave it to Beaver, Bonanza and such.  We also are 'attempting' to do "Book It" through Pizza Hut. Pumpkin's author, Jeff Kinney, wrote another book called Splat and premiered it on the web. So I made sure we checked that out.

 Thursday we checked out a baby walking stick on the screen.

 It was a nice enough day out that Fireball Coyote decided to have a picnic lunch.
I took his picture and Pumpkin was jealous.  He told me, "Wait for me to get out there to take one."

 Pumpkin had his last 'regular' season game and I was tired being mosquito bitten. We all took turns lighting my candle.

Hanging out before the game and 'playing' one of their games in their mind ~ I think this one was a Pokemon one.

Waiting to be put in.

This was one of their better games.
They also won 3 -2.

 Friday we had an afternoon downtown doing Mice on Main Street, lunch and a bit of park time.
Sunshine reading everyone the book.
Then it was off to find the mice.

Feeding and rubbing his nose for luck.

Sunshine LOVED him!

 LUNCH TIME !!!! :-)

Then it was on to a new event for us, 4H Club.
I signed the boys up for cooking club.  Now they are getting ready for a state competition, but we were allowed to pop in, participate, and watch.

A hesitant Pumpkin joined in and did what was asked of him, but mostly watched.

Fireball Coyote, the future chef, didn't want to do anything, so he and to sit and watch.
After a while he was bored and joined in.
This will be a once a month event, every third Friday.

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