Friday, October 11, 2013

A Whirlwind of a Week

This past weekend the boys had a Saturday soccer practice and then spent the night at their friends house. So hubby and I had another nice dinner out, then a bon fire. It was quiet. The kids, on the sleep over, watched the movie Epic, Iron Man #3, and other shows.  They played the game Life, did computer games, the trampoline, and many other things.

There was a rainbow outside my door :-)

A cool spider web with rain on it.

And a neat spot of blue in the sky.

The boys did some computer games.
Made faces in the camera.
(& took pictures of his nose, teeth & ??? that I won't post).

Did our Martial Arts class.

Learning The first part of a Form.
 In the evening the boys had soccer tournaments. Sadly, both teams lost, but I believe they had fun this year.

Pumpkin making a game combining Rolblox, Mine Craft, Pokemon, Monopoly, and who knows what.

Was volunteering day,
Our friend Rainbow will be joining us on these days.
Welcome! :-)

My how fast chickens grow!
This is the one the boys held two weeks ago.
Passing out water.

"Pumpkin's project"
 Pumpkin noticed when cleaning out this cage that the birds eyes were dilating and asked about it.  He learned that it is called "Pinning".  Kim thought this was VERY observant of him and was REALLY impressed that he noticed.  The 'Pinning' is because the birds were agitated.  Their cheeks also started to turn pink when they are bothered.
Watering and feedin' the other birds.

Scrub-a, dub, dub.

Keila couldn't resist talking to Pumpkin as he worked and distracting him.

Rainbow asking a question about the birds feathers.

 Feeding time!

Cleaning up what he washed out and watching it fall.

 The boys LOVE going and volunteering at Safe Haven.  It's getting to the point where one is asking, "Is it volunteer day?!?"

After volunteering we took Rainbow home and hung out, eating lunch, playing games, and the mom's chatting.
Penelope and Fireball Coyote enjoying the Wii.

"I'm showing her my Rolblox game."

Later that night it was Fireball Coyote's banquet at Heidi's Hotdogs.

One proud player!

Then it was time to "test" play Pumpkin's game.

 Wednesday's Latin Lesson

With an  evening of PBS shows ~ Nature, Nova, and Secrets of the Dead.

Was a trip to the dentist.

Followed by walking next door to the orthodontist.

The evening brought another favorite day of ours, Kids Club!
Song time, then off to the lesson for the night.

Followed by field time and dinner.

This night we had grilled hotdogs and chips.
Followed by roasting marshmallows and making s'mores!

This weekend is bring TONS of education!

Today we have an S.O.S. playdate. The evening is followed by trip to RMSC for Starry, Starry, Night with the boys soccer friends and a sleepover at our place.

Tomorrow back to RMSC for Second Saturday with our soccer friends, play, and have a bon fire.

Sunday after part two of the sleepover, a bit more playing. Then after dropping them off we are volunteering to work at Safe Haven for two hours and help them get ready for their Fall Open House. (which we will also work at.)

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