Thursday, October 24, 2013

Relaxing with the Past and Spooky Stories

After a whirlwind week and weekend, we got to relax for a week.  The boys were on the computers a lot.  There was no fighting, no screaming, no fits thrown. It was Great!

They did their imaginary games.
I LOVE all the bonding!
Pumpkin found a paper wasps net high in a tree in our yard.

The boys Latin partners were out of town, so they had a class together.
 We watched our PBS shows. David Pogue has a new series out and there is a new late one, Raw to Ready, in which we saw the making of  one of Komatsu's dump trucks.

Playing Animal Jam, talking to grandma and brother on Facebook.

On Saturday Pumpkin had soccer practice for All-Stars.  Then we head to the Haygood Mill for their fall festival. 

A friend of ours from our old school was preforming there, Derrick Phillips.

We watched a small part of the mill at work.

Looking out at the festival. 

Peek-a-boo!  I see you!
(Pumpkin is at the wood paneling, in line with the wood beam where the water is flowing down.)

Watching the wheel turn.

This gentleman made long bows! 

This one costs $100

Then we took a hike.  

The boys (Fireball Coyote) noticed someone who made wooden toys.
So I bought them axes.
During our walk they did their game 'thing'.

I just LOVED this moss.

Pumpkin noticed "If it's hairy, it's scary" thing and said that meant it was poison sumac.
I'm not sure.
Maybe poison ivy?

They were ACTUALLY making Shine!

Cute little pigs, that I over heard them say won't get any bigger.

One "sharpening" his ax and the other decapitating the other. 
Cotton gin wasn't being used.

These were NICE chairs.
Fireball enjoyed the ax / wine holder.

So, why is this hole square and not round?
A square bit, instead of round?

Then we capped off the day with a Pink Panther marathon.
The Pink Panther, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, & Revenge Of The Pink Panther.
Couldn't of asked for a more relaxing week!

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