Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Blue Ridge Parkway

Sunday was MIL's B'day and hubby wanted to go for a ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  To do that we drive to N.C.'s part and explore it, after we stop at the fish hatchery.

Sadly, they are closed on Sunday's :-(

So it was on to Looking Glass  Falls.

Then it was off to see the trees.

South we head.

The boys headed down a little path, not too far.

Pumpkin took this shot from down the path a bit. 

He also found this memorial. 

                                         Then it was on to

Out of breath already?
Yes. I'm too hot!

Nothing like climbing a mountain Straight Up!

"Look at this Cool View," says Fireball Coyote. "May I have the camera?"

This was what he saw.

I LOVE how this tree is still alive!!!

"I found Caesars Head! I found Caesars Head!" 

This picture & the next 6 are by Pumpkin.

It's was hard to get the suns rays.

I believe I've heard these berries are a favorite of bears.
I also believe ,they were the AWFUL smell we were smelling there.

Pumpkin found this marker.

What goes up, must go down.

And down.

On a "rock" in the parking lot. 

Then back down the mountain to Caesars Head.

Everyone seemed to have the same idea.

VERY sad they added these metal stairs!
Here you can see they were wooden in the bottom of one of Devil's Kitchen pictures.
 The rest of the pictures at Caesars Head were taken by Pumpkin.

Then it was time to give Nona her homemade birthday cards.

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