Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moments of Pride

After blogging last week we did some running around and this is Pumpkin after he mailed his letter to England all by himself!!!!!  I had to step out of the post office for a minute and by the time I got back he was done and beaming from ear to ear! He was SO proud of himself that as I drove he kept saying out the window, "I did it! I did it! I mailed a letter to England, all by myself! I did it! I did it!"

 Part of our "running around" was taking Pumpkin to the chiropractor.  Filling out paper work is an important part of life and he already doesn't like it. LOL.

Before we had to turn around and go to soccer practice (on Mnday & Tuesday) we feed our neighbors birds for them. 

On Tuesday when we feed them, "Baby" hopped on Pumpkin.

Fireball Coyote hopped right in there to help change the water & food, both days.

On Wednesday, August 29th, Fireball Coyote helped dad & his boss set up a tent at a local Farm's Day's show.

 Thursday, they had a dentist appointment. 

Pretending his chair is an air plane after his check up.
(no cavities! Yes!!!)
After the appointment he made their favorite lunch. Mac & Cheese!

Friday, was the usual bank, groceries, other running and things I can't really remember since is it was also Mom's night out!!!! WooHoo!!!
My friend & I went to a "BYOB" paint place and this is what we did ~

No idea why it came out blurry, but you have an idea of the variety.

Saturday, September 1st, we all went to one of the local attractions, Caesars Head State Park.  
 Fireball Coyote read this sign to us.

"Right out there, behind that mountain, is where we live", said dad.

Back view of Table Rock form Caesars Head.

Picture by, Pumpkin.

Heading down into "Devil's Kitchen" at Caesars Head.

A narrow passage way through.

Fireball Coyote thought it looks like a monkey head.

Does it look like the head of Caesar to you?

Some pretty flowers there.  (Anyone know the name?)

 Heading back through.

Beautiful sunset.

Anyone know what type of bush/flowers these are???? We REALLY want some!!!
 I know the seeds "pop" when you touch them and they spiral out of their shell.
What are they?!?

 After we were done at Caesars Head we went to another local area, Bald Rock.  A lot of younger people go there and "party" late at night, have bon fires, spray paint their names, break glass, and so forth.  It is still a really pretty place to visit and to watch the stars.
If you look really close at Fireball Coyote's left hip there is dad & Pumpkin.

Trying to get the full moon.


Today, the Fireball Coyote had fun in dad's shop.  Fireball Coyote worked all dad with dad and by lunch time had a plan.  Build a "Robot 9000."  He couldn't figure out how to explain it to dad, so he drew a picture. (it's in the shop)
 Pumpkin did chores for allowance money and was inspired by Fireball Coyote and made ...
a "Box-o-taun".

Adding some final touches.
This week holds more soccer, dad's birthday, a playdate, Latin, and Saturday R.M.S.C's Second Saturday's Roman Days.  I can't wait to see what spontaneous learning happens this week!

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