Sunday, September 30, 2012


I found this book at the library & it is AWESOME!!!  (need to get one!)

It has led to so many new ideas in the boys heads.  Here's some of the ideas they got form the book.

(L-R)  A fire pit, a hand glider, & a treasure chest.

(L-R) The start of a bridge & a cherry, apple, croissant tree.

Pumpkin went for a walk in the "back 40" & found a turkey feather.
 Wednesday we watched the PBS: Nature/Nova shows that we love.  They are SO interesting, fun to watch & educational ~ Bonus!
There was soccer games Tues. & Thurs. & Latin Tues.

I had a hard time getting the bread machine to work yesterday, so we attempted  bread the long way.

It didn't rise too well & baked ok.  It's a bit heavy, Fireball Coyote LOVE it though.  (He's a flour kid.)

Wait till you see what Fireball Coyote did today.  It's SO "Chinlerest" !

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